Pancake Man

 Jerome Daly

I always thought we were born
The same day, but when my brother
Vanished out the door with his Peanuts
Lunchbox, and pack of crayons

I was left standing alone,
Empty-handed and pushed aside
In a room full
Of quiet windows.

So, I forced myself to read
Before I went to kindergarten,
And was then asked to star
In the school play.

My father built the costume,
Cutting two large circles
Out of corrugated cardboard
With his box cutter.

He tacked on two strips of thin cotton,
Connecting the sides of the pancake.
They stayed intact while I acted,
And once finished were ripped apart.

Jerome Daly is a recent graduate from the MFA program at the University of New Hampshire and winner of the Dick Shea Memorial Prize. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Charles River Journal, Gamut, The Slag Review, Leveler, The Chafee Review, and the Long River Review.